A huge focus on homes and interiors over the past couple of years has led to many new trends emerging, and many of these new trends feature wooden aspects.

Used for thousands of years, wood is still one of the most popular material choices for furniture, interiors and construction thanks to its strength and versatility.

Wood has many other benefits too – not only does it look good, wood is the only construction material that is totally renewable, organic and climate-smart. 

Here are 7 joinery trends we’re currently loving that will improve the appeal of any room – whether residential or commercial…

1. Wooden Artwork

Combining wood and art is by no means a recent concept. Wood carving is in fact one of the oldest artforms in existence. Nowadays though, classic wooden figure-work is much less popular, and minimal, abstract art pieces are very much in vogue.

Mitred slats of wood can be placed together to create a rustic mountainous effect, they can also be arranged in geometric patterns to create a modern, minimal art piece.

Multi-layered block designs are also currently very popular as wooden offcuts from other joinery projects can be used to create the piece, ensuring waste is kept to a minimum and the art piece is made as sustainably as possible.

2. Wooden Wall Panelling

Wall panelling has experienced a massive resurgence over the past few years and is a sure-fire way to reinvigorate a room. While traditional panelling might not appeal to everyone, there’s a wall panel style out there to suit every personal taste.

Slatted walls are one option if traditional panelling seems too formal for you. Wooden slatted walls can be installed on a full wall as a feature wall, on half a wall, or in a central panel.

Board and batten panelling is another option that’s currently very popular and easy to install. Created using wide but thin wood, the panels are installed vertically or horizontally – or both to create a square effect. This style of panelling is then painted to create a stunning feature.

3. Floating Wooden Shelves

Floating wooden shelves have been a big interiors trend for many years, but the key to keeping them looking modern and on-trend for 2022 is to add more. Usually, wooden shelving is made from plywood, pine, oak, maple, or walnut due to their aesthetic appeal and robust characteristics.

Wooden shelves are the perfect way to spice up a bland room or to add character to a basic space. Plus, the more shelves a room has, the more ornaments, photo frames and books can be added to give the effect of a gallery wall. Gallery walls have also been a big interiors trend over the past couple of years, and it’s a trend that looks set to stay around for a while yet!

4. Wooden Wall Murals

Wooden wall murals are becoming more and more popular – be it in homes, offices or other commercial areas. Wood is a crucial element of most fashionable interior styles such as boho, shabby-chic and Japandi, and wall murals fit into all these categories.

Wooden wall murals are an easy way to add the ‘wow factor’ into any room and can be a lot less expensive to install than panelling as they often cover only 1 wall.

A wooden wall mural will also add warmth and depth to an interior space, making the room feel more comfortable, calming and relaxing. A huge variety of woods can be used to create wall murals, from dark oaks to light maples, they can even be used together to create more interesting patterns and designs.

5. Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is an easy way to make any room feel lived in or well-loved. It’s usually made from timber that’s been salvaged from old buildings then re-purposed to create hard-wearing and characterful flooring. Reclaimed wood proudly displays the marks it’s acquired during its lifetime and is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than using new wood.

Reclaimed wood flooring works well in industrial-style interior schemes alongside exposed brickwork and metallic finishes. It also works equally well in contemporary schemes as it makes a striking contrast to smooth, glossy furniture surfaces and can add extra warmth that newer buildings sometimes lack.

6. Coloured Interior Woodwork

The past few years have seen a move away from traditional white woodwork and skirting. Adding colour to woodwork and leaving walls neutral can add just enough colour into a room to make a statement without being overbearing.

Coloured woodwork can also act as a connecting thread that binds the look and feel of different rooms together – whether this be in homes or commercial spaces.

Dark greys, warm neutrals and navy blues can all be used on woodwork to create interesting and modern interior looks. 

7. Charred Timber Cladding

Using beautiful, charred timber cladding within a room might be the hottest trend right now, but the practice of charring timber has been around for hundreds of years. The ancient Japanese technique was originally designed to protect the wood from the elements, but it also looks great and is a fantastic alternative to using paint or staining wood.

Charred timber is highly durable, more so than regular timber, and the process of charring brings out the natural grain and character of wood, making it more aesthetically appealing.

Charred timber cladding can be installed in a huge number of ways – vertically, horizontally, herringbone to name a few – so interiors can be as creative or minimal as you’d like. 

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