Now that home working has become, for most, a full-time working model, many people are eager to incorporate a suitable office space into their homes. However, very rarely do small homes have the luxury of a spare room that’s free to turn into a study, so a clever use of space is key.

Due of this, new trends are emerging that are set to make the integration of a home office much easier for those with little free space.

1. Understairs Office

An understairs office is the perfect solution for a compact home as they make use of what is usually a very underutilised and awkward space.

Understairs desk areas can be created to flow seamlessly with staircases by using the same materials, creating a sleek overall look. By opting for bespoke joinery solutions, the minimal space you have available can be maximised to its full potential with made-to-measure storage cupboards, shelving and desking.

An understairs office and desk area usually lends itself to a minimalist design due to the limited amount of room available. This can help to stop the area getting cluttered and chaotic, which in turn can reduce stress levels and help to increase productivity; a tidy desk equals a tidy mind.

Additionally, utilising empty space for an office means that won’t have to sacrifice a whole room in your house to create an office area.

Bespoke understairs desk and office area for working from home

Bespoke understairs desk perfect for working from home

2. Floating Desk

Another new emerging office trend is the floating desk. Floating desks are made to mount on to any wall, providing all the features of a standard desk, without the bulk of the actual desk frame.

The benefit of a floating desk, similarly to the first office design trend, is that it takes advantage of any dead wall space that you currently have around the house. This means that, again, the desk is not imposing majorly on other aspects of your home.

It also provides versatility in its uses and appearance. Rather than solely being an office space, a floating desk can alternatively be used as a shelf, or even a small dining table depending on its size.

Floating desks can be manufactured from a whole range of different materials to pretty much any dimensions. Whether you need a small, oak desk to match your minimalist style, or an elaborate, parquet patterned desk to match your outgoing nature, a bespoke floating desk might be the answer to your home office needs.

bespoke wooden floating desk for home office

Wooden floating desk in home office

3. Folding Desk

A folding desk reaps all the same benefits as a floating desk and is advantageous to use if you have some spare wall space around your house. The only difference between the two, is that a folding desk can fold into the wall once you are finished with it.

While other office spaces, no matter how small and compact, will take up some degree of room in your house, a folding desk will use very minimal space once it’s folded away and will cause no obstruction to other parts of your living area.

This type of office design will also allow you to separate yourself from work at the end of the day, as the desk will be completely out of sight, avoiding the temptation to sit back down again.

Again, bespoke folding desks can be created to almost any specifications. Oak desks provide great strength and will last a lifetime, walnut desks are strong but also provide significant decorative appeal, and maple desks offer a modern and light aesthetic for a relatively low price point.

Folding desk for small home office

Folding desk for small home office areas

4. Wardrobe Space

An unusual – yet innovative – trend that has surfaced recently is the movement towards integrating your office desk into your wardrobe. This form of office interior is one that doesn’t require a huge amount of space and can be cost saving, providing you have the correct shelving already incorporated into your wardrobe. If not, a few extra shelves won’t cost too much.

A clever solution if you’re working from home and struggling to find office space, bespoke joiners will be able to create a workable desk space in almost any wardrobe or cupboard. An added benefit – at the end of the day, office items will get hidden away behind closed doors.

In terms of a seating arrangement, make sure to buy a stool or chair that is easily tucked away into the wardrobe so everything can remain neat and compact ready for the following day.

Wardrobe desk for small home office

Desks built into wardrobes and cupboards are perfect for small homes without a dedicated office space

5. Adjustable Desks

A standing, or adjustable, workstation is a trend we are seeing more frequently both in home and regular office spaces.

This new desk trend was created to allow workers to stand at their desks, which has added health benefits when compared to sitting at a desk all day. Some desks can be height adjusted, so users can easily switch between sitting and standing.

These desks have experienced a rise in popularity due to the many health benefits associated with them. Benefits include: slower weight gain due to reduced periods of sedentary working, a lower risk of heart disease, and reduced back pain. In terms of mental health, people also find that it helps to increase their productivity too, due to the increased amount of energy people feel whilst standing.

Although standing/adjustable desks are taller than regular desks, they’re often less bulky and take up less floor space as they have to be easily manoeuvrable. Bespoke desks can be manufactured to be as small and minimal as possible if you’re struggling for space.

Adjustable standing desk for working from home

Standing and adjustable desks are often smaller and less bulky than traditional desks

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